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About Us

At ARB Technologies, we devote ourselves to improving the world’s sustainability and to powering the circular economy on a global scale through our products and services. We place a strong emphasis on our ground-breaking research and green manufacturing capabilities to consistently deliver innovative, sustainable, inclusive, and cost-effective solutions that would benefit our customers and the communities all around the world.

Our Mission

To pioneer the development of advanced earth-friendly bio-materials and products for better human and animal health and for a more sustainable world.

Our Vision

To be a trusted global market leader in safe and sustainable biotechnology solutions.

Our business’s focus is in Animal Health and Natural Environmental-Friendly Bio-materials that are applicable to feed additives, cosmetics, functional foods, wearable electronics, renewable energy storage devices, pharmaceuticals, health supplements, coating, textile, and many other products. Not only do our products support sustainability, they can find application in a wide range of industries.

As a company that values strategic partnerships, we welcome external partners collaborating with us to achieve greater heights in growth together. Our products have been designed and manufactured with a global customer base in mind, and we work closely with our partners for faster time to market, and in safeguarding the quality of the final products for the end customers.

Our History

ARB Technologies was founded in Singapore on 10 July 1996 during the era of steady advancement in integrated circuit technology, and before internet companies became mainstream businesses. It had evolved from being a well-established system developer and distributor in electronics to becoming a life-science-focused company in the 2010s. The ARB group of companies, which comprised of ARB Technologies Pte Ltd and Areteon Pte Ltd, maintains a strong focus on the development of disruptive biotechnology innovations that meet market demands. The group retains and taps on its many years of experience in manufacturing and in commercialising innovations to bring its value-creating endeavours to fruition.


  • The Beginning

    Year: 1996

    ARB Technologies was founded on 10 July 1996 by Robin Low, riding the wave of the electronics era.

  • The Pivot

    Year: 2011 -Present

    ARB Group, through Areteon and ARB Technologies , then pivoted into the life-science field in 2011, conceptualising research and development of anti-microbial chemical compositions for sustaining good animal health. Furthermore, we developed environmentally-friendly methods for the conversion of biomaterials from waste.

  • The Present

    ARB completed the production of biopolymers in our factory, and continue with the commercialisation of our products on the global market.

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