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All of our products are clinically tested and use our patented unique anti-microbial composition that is safe and effective. Our products have a healing film-forming ability, which guarantees durable protection against drug-resistant gram-positive and gram-negative microbial, as well as fungal, infections. Moreover, our biodegradable and biocompatible products are free from steroids, antibiotics, Paraben, and other harmful chemicals, ensuring that your pet’s safety comes first.

Companion Animal Products For Pet Owners and Veterinarians

I-Vetpro® Products

We also offer a special range of products that are used and trusted by the professional veterinarians. These products are used in combating the more severe symptoms of microbial infections, as well as in tackling the root of the illness itself—by destroying the bacteria that caused the infection.

AdorePet® Products

Our range of animal care products have been specially formulated to help your pet stay clean and healthy. With ADOREPET® products, your pet will be well guarded from the allergens and microbial organisms that cause infections.

Feed Additives For Farmed Animals

Effective and biodegradable 100% natural non-antibiotic growth-promoter for fishes, crustaceans, swines, poultries, and ruminants.


  • Enhances the balance of the microbiome in the gut and improves specific immunity of the animals that have been fed with it.
  • An alternative to antibiotic zinc oxide and as a means of reducing post-weaning diarrhoea.
  • Improves intestinal mucosa structures of farmed animals and enhances the function of their digestive organs.
  • Promotes the absorption of minerals; accelerates the body’s metabolism; increases the gain in body weight and in feed conversion efficiency; improves the meat quality significantly.
  • Effective solution for anti-microbial resistance, as well as for eliminating bacterial and fungal infections.
  • It is not affected by gastric acid and digestive enzymes, and is directly absorbed into the intestines. Resists gastric acidity, hydrolysis by mammalian enzymes, and absorption in the upper gastrointestinal tract.
  • Safe, biodegradable, and biocompatible.

Our Feed Additive Products

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